Wie man das richtige Rotweinglas auswählt

About Blue Chilli Design | We are a German brand specialized in design & trade of luxury silver tableware, barware, glassware, accessories & cutlery. We have made it our vision to keep the tradition of silverware alive. To share our passion, we like to tell you about the elegance of our glassware.

While we care much on how we greet our guests, which red wine, champagne, whisky, water, juice or beer we offer. Choosing the right glass, shape and size of the drinking glass is essential.

But which one is the right glass?

With no doubt, crystal glasses are the beauty in the drinking glass category. Handmade crystal glasses not only give an inspiring sound of music, they are also the clearest glass, reflect the light in the most natural way and are elegant and beautiful to look at. As you can imagine, this is the glass we love and choose for our collections. 

But which shape and size should you have in your cabinet? How do you know which class is used for which purpose? How do I decide on the right glass?

Years and years of tradition, research and testing have identified the perfect glass shape for each drink. Blue Chilli Design will help you to understand, which glass design is best for which drink. Therefore, we have created this small series of introductions. You can read more here in our blog.

Red wine is known for it’s amazing, excellent and adventures tastes around the world. There is arguably no place, anywhere in the world, that does not have wine on their menu. Further, this luxury, elegant and red coloured drink has found its way onto every good dining table. However, how should red wine be presented best to achieve its full tasting potential?

It’s all in the glass. Red wine as to breathe. I am sure you have heard this before. But what does that mean? The concept of letting wine aerate, or breath, allows the wine to be exposed to the surrounding air. The wine then mingles with the air, warms up and the aroma of the wine enlarges, increasing in flavour while mellowing in texture. However, just opening the bottle half an hour before using it, does not do the trick. Important is to have a large surface of exposed red wine.

The right wine glass shape can help in this process. Blue Chilli Design wine glasses are designed in a convex shape. Pour the wine into the centre of the glass to allow further aeration during the pouring process and fill the glass until it reaches the widest diameter. At this point the wine has the biggest surface area and will develop the aroma the best at the same time the ascending aroma will be captured within the glass and further mingle with the air also capturing the smell of the wine.

Red wine glass characteristics

To support your personal style, Blue Chilli Design has created five different collections featuring the glass design meeting your favourite drink. We try to make a difference, let you slow down, calm and enjoy the beauty of life. Blue Chilli Design glasses are handmade and thus unique and gorgeous. These non-lead crystal glasses are made to serve from centuries long tradition and craftmanship. These glasses will help to entertain and create an elegant memorable setting, for an enjoyable evening.

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